Agricola Paglione

About This Project


The story of the Agricola Paglione is the story of a family. In 1994 Faccilongo and Albano families, always been farmers, through Beniamino and Maria Costanza begin converting the company into an organic farm, with its own processing plant and using the philosophy of ‘short supply chain’.

Our company is a dynamic farm that focuses its work on the respect for the land, the history and the gastronomic culture of its territory, the ‘Daunia’, the northern most part of Apulia, enhancing the indigenous varieties. Every product has a story, each one sums up the roots of our family and the experience that for generations has been handed down from parents to children. The fields in the countryside of Lucera, between Tavoliere and the Sub Appennine Dauno zone, are grown in organic manner respecting the seasonality and they are cared for the entire year prior to harvesting. After the work in the fields there is the handcraft in its own laboratories, meticulous and patient as embroidery. Everything is fresh, ensuring the highest quality of the ingredients, worked without dispersing the natural flavors and aromas.