About This Project

Tradition and naturalness are the key points of the Locanda La Posta who, once called “the Royal Mail”, there is the beginning of 1600. Over the centuries, the Genovesio family has hosted famous people of history and entertainment: world Giolitti  had his own telegraph line in a first floor room, Camillo Benso  di Cavour, during his stays in the county visited the restaurant,  Edmondo de Amicis  you wrote his stories,  Dino Buazzelli  savored the Piedmontese dishes. And over time the company has decided to create his own brand “Locanda La Posta” with the flavors of the Piedmont lands and irresistible passion for authenticity.  Sweets, panettoni, pandori and breadsticks, all made in full compliance with the original recipes that bring to mind the times and atmospheres, now often forgotten.