About This Project

“We love chocolate just as it is: simple, with all its flavor. Conceptually simple, simply delicious”

Since 1990, Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi, brother and sister, work together in their Florentine chocolate factory. They make their chocolate cakes by hand, one by one, like they used to do in the past, blending up to 6/7 different dark chocolates, pure cocoa powder and a little milk cream. A creamy chocolate fudge cake with a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder, that contains no eggs, flour, butter, gluten or sugar added, without additives or preservatives, almost a ganache. After few years the Dark Chocolate Cake became “TORTAPISTOCCHI” with the aim of moving away from the first attempts of imitation.

Torta Pistocchi has gone from strength to strength up to become a famous brand in the Italian artisanal chocolate scene. TortaPistocchi Classic cake  won the Italian Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards 2013. The same cake was awarded with 2 stars at the famous London competition Great Taste 2015 for both the cake’s cubes presented and for being a Gluten Free product. Other great confirmation in 2016 winning one star at the Great Taste 2016.